Mageia Application Database

A social package browser

Browse Packages

Allow to browse the package database, provide the main informations about packages, like any other distribution does.

Focus on Users

Focus on interaction between users, testers and packagers (Backports requests, new soft requests, testing requests..)


Customizable user notifications on your home page, RSS feed or e-mail (new backport available for your preferred soft, new update candidate available...)



See the full record of user needs and potential functionalities here


We welcome all types of contributions :

  • ideas
  • advice
  • code
  • testing
  • translation

We host instances for the following distributions:

A development ("master" branch) version of Mageia App Db, showing Mageia packages is available at

It's a work in progress. Comments are welcome.

This is a PHP5 project using symfony 1.4 as a framework.

Source code is hosted on github. You can clone the repository with :

git clone

The Team


  • You can often find us on, #mageia and #mageia-fr : Stormi (project lead) and ttp (main developer)
  • irc : we try to be available and meet on #madb on freenode. (quick) meeting each thursday at 20:00 UTC.

Mailing List


  • if you need to e-mail us directly, send a mail to stormi ((AT)) laposte ((DOT)) net or adriengallou ((AT)) gmail ((DOT)) com.
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